30 Years of Faces

Jane from Trading Faces is a beauty therapist with 30 years experience

I started my ‘Beauty Therapist’ training in 1984, I was very young!

Back then we wore white uniforms and white ‘duty’ shoes. Keeping them pristine was part of the deal. We learnt not only all about the structure and functions of the skin, but all about the anatomy and physiology of the whole body, detailed cosmetic chemistry while making our own skincare products, and the physics of electrotherapy. I don’t think much has changed there.

We learnt to wax with both hot and strip wax (strip wax being the new ‘thing’ at that time). We had to reheat the hot wax used on the legs and strain it through stockings to get the hair out so we could reuse it. That was one of those jobs you avoided if at all possible. Our facials pretty much followed the same routine and it was all about ‘pampering’. Rub this cream on here, then this one, now take it off, rub this on for 10 minutes, now brush on a mask and leave the client to rest for 15 minutes! Oh dear, thankfully that procedure has become a lot more interesting over the years. When we did a full body massage we did the full body, buttocks and boobs included….. Now days it seems those areas are often missed for fear of an ‘inappropriate touching’ accusation! Products came in jars and smelled nice. It was quite the norm to have weekly clients, same day and time each week: facial fortnightly, nails weekly, waxing and pedicure monthly, massage when required!

Though some aspects of my industry have changed dramatically, others have not. With the addition of nail bars to every shopping strip, we no longer do back to back to back manicures or pedicures. Same goes for massage. Permanent hair removal has also become big in the last 10 years or so, as have Brazilian bikini waxes….. Our waxing clients needs have changed. The ‘pamper facial’ or ‘pamper package’ has also disappeared along with those jars of ‘cream’.

Beauty Therapy today (or I prefer to call myself a Skincare Therapist) is about results. Acne is mostly manageable, sun damage and ageing can be reversed, you don’t need to live with a sensitive skin. Treatments are results orientated and are not necessarily of long duration. We usually include some sort of electrical component to our treatments to intensify results. Products only come in hygienic sealed containers and don’t contain sensitivity causing colours and fragrances.

What hasn’t changed is the power of touch.

Skincare therapy is one of the very few professions where it is ok to touch a face, a shoulder or an arm. I consider that a privilege.  It doesn’t matter how good our equipment or products are without the benefit of our hands on your skin. Touch is calming. Touch is healing. Nothing is more satisfying as a Skincare Therapist to watch you melt into our treatment bed as we cleanse your face.

Though touch is more necessary than ever in today’s busy world it is the element of our occupation that is so often overlooked. Fast cosmetic procedures often take precedence over a therapeutic treatment that is targeted to your skincare concern. Beauty Therapists are losing their ‘touch’ and their passion for it. I won’t give up the touch component of our work, ever. I may have been around for way too long, but I can recognise a happy, loved, cared for skin over a cosmetic fast fix anytime.

Jane Sandow – Proprietor, Trading Faces

Do you want to experience the benefit of touch within your skincare treatment? All our Facial Treatments include some ‘therapeutic’ touch component along with the application of professional products and electrical modalities for super charged results. See our Face Treatment Menu then give us a call on 94288837 or Book Online