Charcoal is the new Black

Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque

Have you ever had a bad skin day? You know, similar to a bad hair day…. Doesn’t matter what you do with your skin, it looks and feels rubbish! While you can survive bad hair days with a helpful hair tie, scarf or worst case scenario, a hat, bad skin days are not so easy to hide.

30 Years of Faces

Jane from Trading Faces is a beauty therapist with 30 years experience

I started my ‘Beauty Therapist’ training in 1984, I was very young! Back then we wore white uniforms and white ‘duty’ shoes. Keeping them pristine was part of the deal. We learnt not only all about the structure and functions of the skin, but all about the anatomy and physiology of the whole body, detailed cosmetic chemistry while making our own skincare products, and the physics of electrotherapy. I don’t think much has changed there.